Planck Hi-Pro Mod Aluminum Milled Bottom

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Planck Hi-Pro Mod Aluminum Milled Bottom


The Mod case differs from the normal Hi-Pro case by having holes in the places where you’d want to add optional components to the PCB (some are too large to fit in the standard cases).

Milled and powder-coated locally in Indiana, these high profile cases have 6 holes for attaching to the PCB, and one for the reset button. The edge of the case comes right up to the edge of most standard keycaps. The sidewalls are 4mm thick, and the bottom is 3mm thick.

These cases are only compatible with Hi-Pro plates - the plate is optional in these builds, but is recommended for switches without PCB nibs (Matias, some MX switches).

These plates are only compatible with Planck Rev 5 or later PCBs - earlier PCBs can be made compatible by drilling the 2mm holes to make them 2.85mm - 3.25mm in size.

The matte finish is non-reflective/flat.

Images are renders, and the texture is simulated.

Comes with:

  • 6 1/4" 2-56 Stainless Steel Screws (link)

  • 4 rubber feet

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