OLKB Update! PCBs, Group buys

Hey folks!

Planck PCBs

We've made some progress with the next Planck PCB revision - Sebastiaan has been helping with this, and we're going to making an order for the prototypes soon. In the meantime, we're arranging a group buy for the rev 6.1 Planck from Drop in the same way we did the Preonic PCBs, which is live now, and is aiming to be fulfilled in December 2020. Drop's production of these has been a bit more reliable than my connections, and we're taking some more steps to secure the USB port in this batch (the same goes for the most recent Drop). These PCBs will also have the 9 RGB LEDs already installed, which also get tested in the QA process. The group buy will run until October 1st, but we'll have some extras that we'll be selling when we receive them.

Preonic PCBs

We have some Drop Preonic PCBs from the last batch that are also up for sale, but in a pretty limited quantity - these are in stock and will ship as I can get them out. -scratch that, all Preonic PCBs have been sold!-

Other updates

I mentioned it a while ago, but my local shipping connection has fallen through, so I'm back to shipping everything myself, and am dedicating time each week to getting orders out. Thankfully, this is being made a bit easier with Sebastiaan's help with customer emails.

I don't know if you've seen /u/-mewa's Conundrum, the 40% EC ortho, but I'm gonna be proxying this for the US. He sent me a unit to check out, and I'm really enjoying it, even as someone that's only ever borrowed an EC keyboard for a short while. I always thought my cases were pretty heavy, but this thing can really sit. I'll have some photos and a video up later this week.