May Update / Store Re-open

The store is open!

We're open for business again. All features and links have been tested. That said, if you find anything that doesn't work as it should, please send us an email.

Preonic Rev 3 PCBs

The Preonic PCBs are in and we're preparing to ship them out next week. We are sending out emails to confirm shipping addresses over the next few days, so watch out for that. A quick reply to confirm or change your address is all it takes to get the order cleared to ship!

GMK N9 Ortholinear Add-on Kit

We've also gotten word that the GMK N9 Ortholinear sets are leaving GMK soon, and we'll be able to process those as soon as they arrive.

DSS Tecla for the Preonic

We now have the keys for a Preonic Add-on for DSS Tecla that is just 12 keys, so it'll work with existing sets if you have one. Full pictures will be coming soon!

Planck Rev 6.2

All open orders for the Planck PCBs have been upgraded to the prototype-in-progress rev 6.2. It's taking a little longer to fully test and build it, but we're expecting to have the design tested soon (although with the current worldwide frenzy that is partially out of our hands). Everyone with an open order for a Planck PCB should have received an update per email as well.

Planck Hi-Pro Cases and MX Plates

We recently got another order of Planck Hi-Pro cases and 2x2u MX Hi/Mid Pro Plates, so snatch those while you can!

Parts Bags

Our Planck and Preonic PCBs as well as our cases are all shipped with a parts bag, but if you want an extra bag we now offer those separately as well!

European Shipping

We can now ship both the OLKB Sticker and the QMK Stickersheet directly from Europe. If there's enough demand we may look into expanding European product availability.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at!