March update!

Preonic rev3 PCB Group Buy

We wanted to make sure it would work out before announcing it, but the Preonic PCBs ordered through for the GB will have the RGB LEDs pre-soldered, hopefully saving folks some headache when trying to get that working. With all of the delays around the world, it's looking like we're on track to receive the PCBs mid April, and ship them out shortly after.

Planck rev6.1 shortage

Our initial count of Planck PCBs was incorrect when we started shipping the last batch, causing us to run short in the last couple weeks. Our shipping guys are gonna start checking on these numbers on a monthly basis (instead of just decrementing what has been shipped) to prevent situations like this in the future. Sebastiaan started helping out just after the last batch came in, and I think his presence and effort on this will help us keep things in sync.

We'll be reaching out via email to orders that are affected by this (and a couple others) - the options right now being a refund, or waiting until the next batch comes in. I don't have a date for this nailed down yet (possibly May), but it looks like we're going to be able to bump the new batch to rev 6.2, which I have prototyped! I'll have more information on this and the changes once the design is finalised.

Planck EZ case

I mentioned that I'm working on a Planck EZ case a bit ago - that's still being finished up, and I'm hoping to clean-up the existing Planck/Preonic designs on olkb_parts at the same time, so they'll be ready for people to print/mess around with before the Preonic PCBs ship.