Any plans for a Neutrino/Quark PCB/milled bottom?

Nope, sorry - I won't making another order for Quark/Neutrino parts, so what you see on the store is all there will ever be (from me)! Stock varies, but if it's on the store, I still have it.

You should sell staggered keyboards!

Nope! You can always make your own with the custom plate service.

You should sell x, this ortholinear board I came up with!

I'll think about it, but I already have too many ideas for keyboards! If you're interested in making one for just yourself, you could always use the custom plate service!

I have a detailed question about product x!

Feel free to ask it in the subreddit! There are quite a few folks around here that love to help people out, and I can respond to it as well (to make it public knowledge) - I prefer to do this rather than respond to emails (remaining private knowledge).


There are no shipping options for buying one stabiliser, etc.

Yeah, that's a known error with the store - adding more to your order should make it work!

Can I get cheaper shipping for x to y country?

Sorry, probably not - the only cheaper shipping I can provide is for really small and flat parts. Some example orders that would qualify:

  • <10 stabilisers
  • <5 switches
  • 1 planck-sized plate

Feel free to ask, but these sorts of questions are usually pretty low in my priority to respond to.

What mailing service do you use?

USPS Priority or First Class (for smaller parts)! Tracking numbers get emailed through Paypal/USPS when the label is created - it may take a while for it to actually show up in their system. Be sure to check your Paypal email for the notification.

Custom parts

Can you cut x plate?

Probably! I can only automatically generate rectangular ones with 19mm grid spacing, so if you'd like your own custom design, you'll need to get me a CAD drawing (.dwg, .dxf) with dimensions.

Can you cut aluminum plates?

Sorry, I'm currently only offering 16 GA 304 Stainless Steel plates! I may offer more types in the future.

Can you make a custom keyboard for me?

Sorry, I can't - half the fun is building it yourself!

Current orders

When will my order ship?

It's hard to know! I'm the only person at OLKB, so I do all customer service, designing, shipping, etc, and every day is something different. Even if I have everything in stock, I'm working my way through shipping other orders. I really don't like answering these questions, so please be patient!

Can I get my order by x date?

Probably not - I like being able to help people out it situations like this, but it's just not fair to the other orders. Feel free to ask, but those sort of emails are pretty low in my priority to respond to.

I need to change my address!

Just shoot me an email with your new address and order number! This will always be possible unless I've already shipped it.

Can I get a refund?

Only if I haven't shipped things! I'm usually not too picky about that, but please don't make it a habit. I currently don't charge a restocking fee, and I'd like to keep it that way.

The only exception would be for custom plates - if I've cut your plate already, I can't refund that portion of your order, since the work is already done.

Can I make a change to my order?

Sure! It's easiest if you go ahead and checkout with the new items, then shoot me an email with both order IDs. I'll get you a refund for the double shipping and any items you no longer want.

I received my order but have an issue with something!

Shoot me an email about it! These are the emails I try to respond to the quickest.


I'm missing a stabiliser!

If you order the Grid or Matias plate, you won't get one! The stabiliser isn't needed/can't be used with either.